Our Story

All Roads Lead to Surplus Electrical Equipment

Established in 1994, founders Brain Magowan and Stephanie Neville started Surplus Electrical Equipment, operating their joined venture out of a 1500 square floor facility, Surplus started growing, two years later in 1996 they together met a young 18 year, Ben Lovegrove who had spend his life in small Northern town, Huntsville Ontario, however looking for something new Ben was hired on as a general laborer, sweeping floors, cleaning, sanding and painting product for resale. Over the years Ben efficiently moved up in Surplus, from doing deliveries taking order over the sale counter and answering phones, too spending side by side time with Brian whether  it was on decommissioning sites extracting and removing of equipment, spending late nights and weekends stocking up warehouse shelves, getting to know each product Surplus stocked in the warehouse. Ben quickly leaned some great skills spending time with Brian's. Over the years Ben started running Decommission sites, building people skills, sales on the road or in house purchasing able to multi-task all positions to help the massive foot print of inventory at Surplus Electrical equipment. Sadly in 2003 the founder Brian suddenly passing away and with Stephanie reaching retirement Ben was giving the opportunity to take over Surplus with hard work, dedication and a great team of Staff we have since then grown our company to an extensive selection of inventory, we are now proud to offer over 25,000 square feet of endless New and Used Electrical Equipment 

Ben Lovegrove  

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